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Sierra Club: Home Energy Tips - Save Your Money, Save your Planet


There are many ways you can start saving energy TODAY. Some ways will cost nothing to implement, some cost very little, and others will cost more but save you more in the long run.

We are all suffering from energy dependence. We suffer financially, but our dependence is also affecting national security and our health. As we demand more cars, computers, televisions, appliances and larger homes, our nation grows increasingly reliant on foreign oil and natural gas. The result is more pollution in our air. Increasing demand also increases the threat of global warming. Whether we are heating water for a shower, driving to the grocery store, or heating our home, burning fuel puts greenhouse gases into the air. For more information on the threat of global warming, click here.

The Sierra Club is trying to help.

As a service to you, we have put together a short and easy-to-read brochure that explains how you can start saving money, and the environment, TODAY.

We are also holding powerpoint presentations around the state. If you would like to have Sierra Club make a presentation in your community and can set a location for the event, please contact the office at office@sierraclubmass.org or call 617-423-5775.

We hope you find the brochure and powerpoint presentation helpful!

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Here are some very simple steps you can take today that will cost you absolutely nothing:

1. Turn down the water heater temperature to 120 degrees.
2. Turn off lights and t.v. when no one is in the room.
3. Wash only full loads in the dishwasher.
4. Vacuum the coils on the back of the refrigerator. Dust on the coils keeps it from functioning efficiently.
5. Wash laundry in cold or warm water, and only full loads.
6. Take a shower - not a bath.
7. Place furniture away from heating vents.
8. Make sure windows and doors are shut tight.
9. Vacuum around radiators to maximize heat flow.
10. MOST IMPORTANTLY - turn down the heat when you are away! This will provide your largest energy savings and will cost you absolutely nothing. Some believe turning down the heat during the day and turning it up at night uses more energy, but your boiler will never go above a certain temperature (usually around 180 degrees). For every 1 degree you set your thermostat back, you can save one to three percent on your annual heating costs. So turn down the thermostat every time you leave the house for more than 2 hours, and every night before bed. It takes less energy to warm up a cool house than to maintain a warm temperature all day and night.

Here are some more simple steps that cost only a little but make a big difference:

1. Replace your lightbulbs with Compact Fluorescent Lights (CLFs), available at any hardware store. You can save $10 or more on electricity costs over the life of the bulb because they last much longer and use less electricity.
2. Fix leaky windows with caulk, tape, or plastic sealer.
3. Seal/insulate around leaky doors.
4. Add extra insulation in the attic and to your walls.
5. Install a low-flow shower head. Less water coming out means less water to heat.
6. Use a low-flow aerator on your kitchen sink.

You can see exactly how much each of these actions (and others) will save you by using an Energy Savings Calculator.


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